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100K Dual Log with Solder Tags


Model: VR250
Price: £1.28

100k Dual Log Potentiometer 16mm track, 15mm x 6mm shaft. Solder tags. For panel mounting only.
100K Dual Reverse Log 16mm


Model: VR201
Price: £1.82

Dual Anti-Log Potentiometer 16mm track, 17mm x 6mm shaft. Anti-rotation lug.
100K enclosed horizontal preset


Model: VR064
Price: £0.22

Horizontal Preset
100K enclosed vertical preset


Model: VR025
Price: £0.22

Vertical Preset
100K Hex Slot Horizontal Preset


Model: VRF100K
Price: £0.22

Horizontal Finger Adjust Preset
100K Hex Slot Vertical Preset


Model: VRF100KV
Price: £0.22

Vertical Finger Adjust Preset
100K Linear 16mm Pot with 17mm Shaft


Model: VR161
Price: £1.26

16mm Linear Potentiometer. Shaft length: 17mm With anti-rotation tab and dust seal.
100K Linear 24mm


Model: VR065
Price: £1.18

24mm Linear Potentiometer
100k Linear Alpha 9mm - Metal Shaft

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Model: VR118
Price: £1.99

100k linear Alpha 9mm with round 6.35mm metal shaft. For pcb and panel mounting.
100k Linear Alpha 9mm - Plastic Shaft


Model: VR125
Price: £1.03

100k linear Alpha 9mm with knurled 6mm plastic shaft. For pcb mounting.
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