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1.0nF 100V Polybox


Model: PY1N0
Price: £0.16

Polyester Film Box Capacitor 7(l) x 2.4(w) x 6.4(ht)
1.0uF Met Poly Class X2


Model: X21U0
Price: £0.70

Class X2 Metallised Polypropylene Capacitors. 32x12.5x22 Lead length 22mm Pitch27.5
1.1A Self Resetting Fuse

... more info
 Sold Out 

Model: FPY1K1
Price: £0.48

In an overcurrent situation the device heats and blocks current. Not until the fault is removed will the device cool and reset. Max Voltage 60V. ... more info
1.25A Radial Fuse


Model: WMF1K25
Price: £0.29

Radial Fuse. Time Lag, 250V rated. 5mm lead pitch. 8x8mm body. Lead length 20mm.
1.2uF 400V MPP 10%


Model: MPP1U2400
Price: £0.37

Metallised Polypropylene capacitor. Lead pitch 20mm. 22(l) x 10.7(w) x 18.7(ht)
1.3W Zener Diode Kit


Model: K006
Price: £4.61

A collection of 60 zener diodes of 6 different voltages. Essential for circuit development projects. Contains 10 of each of the following values: ... more info
1.5m Network Patch Leads


Model: CN394
Price: £1.48

1.5nF multilayer ceramic


Model: MLC1N5
Price: £0.10

Multilayer ceramic capacitor
1.5uF 16V Tantalum


Model: CT1U516
Price: £0.46

Tantalum Bead Capacitors. 2.5mm 10%
1.5x2.5 inch Grip Seal Bags


Model: SR001
Price: £0.74

Pack of 100 clear grip seal bags
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