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1.8 TFT LCD Display Module

  • Model: OP143


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1.8 inch TFT display using the ST7735 chip with 128x160 colour pixels.
Rear mounted SD card slot allows bmp images stored on the card to be shown on the display.
SPI interface, Arduino compatible using the TFT library provided by the Arduino IDE.
For wiring to the Arduino Uno:
LED - 3V3
SCK - 13
SDA - 11
A0 - 9
Reset - 8
CS - 10
Gnd - Gnd
Vcc - 5V
Video on set-up and use;
1.8TFT Example Arduino Code
 * Acknowledgement to Rui Santos 

// include TFT and SPI libraries
#include <TFT.h>  
#include <SPI.h>

// pin definition for Arduino UNO
#define cs   10
#define dc   9
#define rst  8

// create an instance of the library
TFT TFTscreen = TFT(cs, dc, rst);

void setup() {

  //initialize the library

  // clear the screen with a black background
  TFTscreen.background(0, 0, 0);
  //set the text size

void loop() {

  //generate a random color
  int redRandom = random(0, 255);
  int greenRandom = random (0, 255);
  int blueRandom = random (0, 255);
  // set a random font color
  TFTscreen.stroke(redRandom, greenRandom, blueRandom);
  // print Hello, World! in the middle of the screen
  TFTscreen.text("Hello World", 6, 57);
  // wait 200 miliseconds until change to next color


3D printer bezel design for this display:
1.8 TFT Bezel
Download stl file.
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