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Rat Box Electronics Pack

  • Model: K137


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Pack of electronic components to populate the included Rat Box PCB (PCB014).

Pack contents:
1 x Rat Box PCB PCB014
1 x 2k2 resistor CR252K2
2 x 47R resistor MR2547R
3 x 1M resistor MR251M
2 x 1k resistor MR251K
3 x 10k resistor MR2510K
1 x 560R resistor MR25560R
1 x 1k5 resistor MR251K5
3 x 100k log pot VR172
2 x 22nF Polybox PY22N
1 x 1nF Polybox PY1N0
1 x 47nF Polybox PY47N
1 x 3.3nF Polybox PY3N3
1 x 100pF Ceramic CC100P
1 x 33pF Ceramic CC33P
1 x 100uF 16V Ecap EC100U16
1 x 47uF 16V Ecap EC47U16
2 x 4.7uF 25V Ecap EC4U725
1 x 2.2uF 50V Ecap EC2U250
1 x 1uF 50V Ecap EC1U050
1 x 1N4001 diode QD040
2 x 1N4148 diode QD022
1 x 2N5458 transistor QD071
1 x NE5534 QU119
1 x 8-pin DIL Socket CN037

Schematic and layout available here.
Full build requires hardware kit K136, 1590BB enclosure and 3 x control knobs for 6.35mm pot shafts.
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