FT232RL USB to TTL Program Uploader

  • Model: M070


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Based on the FTDI FT232RL chip this USB-TTL asynchronous serial data transfer interface is switchable for 5V and 3V3 systems.
Connects to PC via mini-USB socket. The 6-pin right angle pin header connects Gnd, CTS, 5V, TXD, RXD and DTR to the target.
Suitable for AVR/Arduino programming.

Additional information with thanks to Peter Cogley:
1. The pinout corresponds with the programming header of the Arduino Pro Mini. Although the CTS input line is not used it can be safely connected to the Pro Mini's Gnd.
2. When programming bare ATMega328 microcontrollers connect a 1uF capacitor in series with the DTR line to produce a pulse.
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