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Dual Axis Joystick/Thumbstick


Model: SW157
Price: £1.18

X & Y analogue outputs plus push switch. 5V input. Arduino compatible.
Electrolytic Capacitor Kit - 85deg


Model: K001
Price: £7.00

A collection of 105 radial electrolytic capacitors, each value individually packed. Contains: 10x 1uF/50V, 20x 10uF/25V, 20x 100uF/25V, 5x ... more info
Electronics Club Experimenters Kit


Model: K048
Price: £26.50

Teach Yourself Electronics A kit of components to accompany the Electronics Club website. This excellent site takes you through identification and ... more info
Electronics Starter Kit


Model: K011
Price: £15.37

A 613 piece kit containing: 1x 480-Piece Resistor Kit - Containing 30 of each of the following: 10R, 100R, 1k, 10k, 100k, 1M, 22R, 220R, 2k2, 22k, ... more info
Flashing LED Kit


Model: K100
Price: £1.86

Everyone's first project - flash a LED. Should be powered by a 9V PP3 battery - see the battery section. If you require wire - see the cable section. ... more info
FX Pedal Hardware Pack


Model: K136
Price: £9.60

General hardware pack for FX pedal building. Pack contents: 1 x DC Jack Socket (CN306) 1 x Stereo Input Jack Socket (CN141) 1 x Mono Output Jack ... more info
High Brightness Blue 5mm LED


Model: OP049
Price: £0.19

Blue lens. 1000mcd min typically 1500mcd at 20mA. 3.0Vf lfmax=20mA
LED Selection Kit

... more info
 Sold Out 

Model: K033
Price: £4.14

A collection of LEDs and resistors in values typically used as LED series resistors. This kit contains: LEDs 10x 5mm Std Red LEDs 5x 5mm Std Green ... more info
Micro USB Breakout Board


Model: M041
Price: £0.77

Micro-USB socket to 5-way 0.1" header pins (fitted). Breadboard compatible.
Multilayer Ceramic Cap Kit


Model: K043
Price: £6.26

Save over £5.50 with this kit containing 90 radial multilayer ceramics with values ranging from 10nF to 1uF, each value individually packaged. 50Vdc ... more info
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