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Ethernet Shield with micro-SD Card Slot


Model: M011
Price: £9.64

Connect your Arduino to the network or Internet. Includes a micro SD card slot. Note that the R3 Uno has a couple of extra ways on the female sockets ... more info
Hand Held Magnifier


Model: TL037
Price: £1.68

5X magnifier with 65mm glass lens.
HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Range Finder


Model: ST053
Price: £1.90

Detect the distance to objects in front of the sensor using an ultrasonic ping. 5V operation suitable for use with microcontrollers, Arduino, etc. An ... more info
Micro USB Breakout Board


Model: M041
Price: £0.77

Micro-USB socket to 5-way 0.1" header pins (fitted). Breadboard compatible.
Multilayer Ceramic Cap Kit


Model: K043
Price: £5.99

Save over £5.50 with this kit containing 90 radial multilayer ceramics with values ranging from 10nF to 1uF, each value individually packaged. ... more info
PL2303HX USB to TTL Serial Adaptor Cable 1m

USB-to-Serial converter based on the Prolific PL2303HX chip. For debugging, firmware updating and general serial communications. USB A plug to 4 ... more info
Robot Buggy Chassis Assembly Kit


Model: MTR9
Price: £10.80

A kit of parts to build a 3-wheel buggy. Add an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ultrasonic range sensor, etc, etc. for a robotic car project. Kit contents: ... more info
Solder Tin/Lead - 5m length


Model: HW022
Price: £1.97

Solder, 5m length, flux cored, 22swg (0.7mm) 60/40.
SOT23 to SIP Adaptor V2


Model: PCB009
Price: £0.15

SMT Transistor Package Adaptor - Alternative Pin-Out. Convert a 3-pin surface mount transistor package for use in a through hole environment. Accepts ... more info
STM32F103C8T6 STM32 Blue Pill Module


Model: M077
Price: £3.41

Processor - Powerful ARM 32bit Cortex-M3 72MHz CPU 64K Flash memory & 20K SRAM. 33 I/O pins. and 3.3V operating voltage. Supplied with 0.1" pitch ... more info
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