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Electronics Club Experimenters Kit


Model: K048
Price: £21.23

Teach Yourself Electronics A kit of components to accompany the Electronics Club website. This excellent site takes you through identification and ... more info
Ethernet Shield with micro-SD Card Slot


Model: M011
Price: £9.64

Connect your Arduino to the network or Internet. Includes a micro SD card slot. Note that the R3 Uno has a couple of extra ways on the female sockets ... more info
Hand Held Magnifier


Model: TL037
Price: £1.68

5X magnifier with 65mm glass lens.
High Brightness Blue 5mm LED


Model: OP049
Price: £0.19

Blue lens. 1000mcd min typically 1500mcd at 20mA. 3.0Vf lfmax=20mA
Micro USB Breakout Board


Model: M041
Price: £0.77

Micro-USB socket to 5-way 0.1" header pins (fitted). Breadboard compatible.
Multilayer Ceramic Cap Kit


Model: K043
Price: £5.99

Save over £5.50 with this kit containing 90 radial multilayer ceramics with values ranging from 10nF to 1uF, each value individually packaged. ... more info
Piezo Siren: Bracket Mount


Model: ST032
Price: £3.96

105dB 12V 1.2Hz warble output. 2.5-3.5kHz. 5-15Vdc, 200mA. 57.5x44.5x40mm. Ideal for alarm applications. Sound Sample
RGB Red/Green/Blue 4-lead Common Anode 5mm LED

Vf=2-3Vmax lf=20mA 1200-2000mcd Water clear lens.
Robot Buggy Chassis Assembly Kit


Model: MTR9
Price: £10.80

A kit of parts to build a 3-wheel buggy. Add an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ultrasonic range sensor, etc, etc. for a robotic car project. Kit contents: ... more info
SOT23 to SIP Adaptor V2


Model: PCB009
Price: £0.15

SMT Transistor Package Adaptor - Alternative Pin-Out. Convert a 3-pin surface mount transistor package for use in a through hole environment. Accepts ... more info
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