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15 x Red 5mm LEDs Std Brightness


Model: PS31
Price: £1.00

Pack of 15 standard red 5mm LEDs.
20x4 LCD Display Module with Blue Backlight

Blue LED backlight. Alphanumeric dot matrix. 80 characters over 4 lines. Display area 76x26mm. Display bezel 98x40mm. 5V supply voltage. Arduino ... more info
2m USB Extension


Model: CN045
Price: £1.68

Male A to female A. Extend the connection to your printer, digital camera, mp3 player, memory stick, etc.
2N5457 JFET


Model: QD065
Price: £1.16

N-Channel J-FET 25V
480 Piece Resistor Kit - 0.25W Carbon


Model: K007
Price: £3.49

A multi-value kit containing 480 carbon film 1/4W 5% resistors. Contains 30 of each of the following values: 10R, 100R, 1k, 10k, 100k, 1M, 22R, 220R, ... more info
Barebones 'Duino PCB 2.0


Model: PCB010
Price: £1.60

A PCB for creation of a customised, barebones, Arduino-compatible control module. This board, now in version 2.0, dispenses with the USB interface ... more info
Budget RF Link Pair


Model: M010
Price: £1.63

433MHz RF link modules for remote control applications. Widely used in Arduino based projects. Arduino tutorial available here . Transmitter Specs: ... more info
Car Power Plug including 5A fuse.


Model: CN097
Price: £1.00

Fits cigar lighter socket, includes an internal 5A fuse.
Dual Axis Joystick/Thumbstick


Model: SW157
Price: £1.18

X & Y analogue outputs plus push switch. 5V input. Arduino compatible.
Electrolytic Capacitor Kit - 85deg


Model: K001
Price: £5.69

A collection of 105 radial electrolytic capacitors, each value individually packed. Contains: 10x 1uF/50V, 20x 10uF/25V, 20x 100uF/25V, 5x ... more info
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